My Product Review Policy

For Product Marketers

If you have a product (or service) you think would be of interest to me, feel free to get in touch! I work and go to school full time but still find time to socialize and write not only Twisted Pixie Reviews but also a book review blog Krystal's Enchanting Reads. I think I might be in need of a vacation.

I will review your products and services, if they are relevant to me, in exchange for product samples that I get to keep. Reviews will appear on this blog which is linked to not only my twitter account but also network blogs, tumbler, my personal and site facebook page. If possible I also post my reviews for products on Amazon if the products are listed.

What you will get: 

An honest review on my blog. Good and bad. I will contact you first for guidance if I have an overall negative experience with the product.

Review may include pictures, when appropriate.

Promotion of the blog review on Twitter and other appropriate social media platforms.

I will also include any links to your main site, facebook, twitter, and how to purchase your product if people so choose.

How to get it:

Simply send me an email at with the subject line "Product Review Pitch" and the name of your product or service. Provide any details I will need to complete my review, including the URL of the Website you would like me to use. I will then reply with any necessary information such as mailing address then.

For Readers

This blog is specifically written for product reviews. I love trying out new products and I can't help but to want to share them with everyone. I will post product reviews for which I have received compensation in the form of a sample products. I will disclose when I have been compensated for a review, but you can be assured that my review is honest. I will never lie about loving something just because I received it for free. I will always provide an honest assessment, both pros and cons if possible, so that my readers have an honest appraisal of my personal experience with the product being reviewed. I mean, what could be a negative experience with me could turn out to be a positive experience with you or vice versa. The most important thing for me is integrity and I want to make sure that all my reviews are honest and true to who I am.

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