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EuGenia Shea Butter and Beauty Tips To Make Your Skin Shine Brightly #beautifulskin #eugeniashea

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I knew I had to share this product with all of you. I use shea butter all the time and get it in all of my products I can because I just love how it does with my skin and now this product has completely changed the Shea Butter game. Introducting ...

Eu'Genia Shea is a family-run social enterprise dedicated to all natural premium shea butter moisturizers. Their high concentration and quality can help you reap all the benefits of nature's wonderbalm.

They are dedicated to fair wages and opportunities for their female workers in Ghana and donate 15% of their profits back to them in the form of an education fund.

I couldn't be more happy to share this awesome brand with all of you and some amazing tips to help us all get through the winter with beautiful and moisturized skin.

Seven Beauty Tips to Help Your Skin Shine Bright Throughout the Season.

Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, is almost here, and along with that comes winter. Why not celebrate by letting the lights shine on you? Prepare to shine on this special day with these beauty tips:

🎀 To attain beautiful and healthy skin, wash your face before going to bed. Wash it two times daily, and use a gel-type cleanser with ingredients such as aloevera. Gently rub into your skin, then take off with a cotton-wool pad. Follow with toner like rose water. Before venturing outdoors, apply sunblock. Apply moisturizing cream that contains shea butter but if staying inside, Eugenia Shea is a good option. At night, take a cotton-wool pad and apply and massage moisturizer into your skin. Remove with another cotton-wool pad and apply serum.

🎀 Cleanse oily skin with a milk type cleanser or other type of cleanser for oily skin. Oily skin needs moisturizer, too, but certain creams will cause a breakout. To avoid breakouts, add a teaspoon of glycerin to 100 ml of rose water, mix well and apply. Store in your refrigerator, airtight.

🎀 Use a scrub two times weekly. Make it by combining pulverized almonds or powdered rice, curd, and a small bit of haldi. Add pulverized orange and pulverized peels from a lemon, if you want. Put on your face and massage, making little circles with the padded ends of your fingers. Use water to rinse off. Purchase the appropriate daytime and nighttime creams, serums, and sunblock.

🎀 Try homemade fixes to moisturize dry skin. Put honey on your face, and leave on 10 minutes before washing it off. You can also apply fresh aloe or carrots and leave on your skin 15 or 20 minutes or use the yoke of an egg or mayonnaise. For normal or dry skin, combine one-half teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of rose water, and a teaspoon of powdered milk. Apply and wash off with water in 20 minutes.

🎀 Apply a face mask. Combine the white of an egg with honey, and remove with water in 20 minutes. For extremely dry skin, combine the yolk from an egg and one half of a teaspoon of honey. Apply and leave on for 30 minutes before washing it off. Almond oil mixed with a teaspoon of powdered milk works too. Wash off and apply a rose water compress.

🎀 For healthy hair, apply warm olive oil to your hair and wrap your head in a hot wet towel for five minutes. Do this again, three to four times. Apply egg whites approximately 30 minutes prior to washing. For dry hair or damaged hair, massage in egg yolk or mayonnaise about 30 minutes prior to washing.

🎀 For beautiful hands and feet, apply a mixture of almond oil and honey and wrap in a wet towel, or combine a tablespoon of glycerin with lemon juice and nine teaspoons of rose water. Have a manicure as well as a pedicure.

🎀 For luxurious hair, combine a teaspoon of vinegar, honey, and egg. Apply and wrap in a hot turban 20 minutes and wash. Rinse with tea and lemon juice.

I can tell you that when it gets cold outside your skin needs more love and care because it can become so dry and damaged just as fast as it does in the summer. With these beauty tips and some help from EuGenia Shea Butter your skin will shine bright and be smooth and beautiful to the touch all season long.

Check out the link below to find out more about EuGenia Shea and buy some of this amazing shea butter for yourself.

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