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{Product Review} Smart Weigh Precision Digital Kitchen Scale #TOP2KG

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Digital Kitchen Scale

Why Use a Kitchen Scale?

A food scale is the best tool to get your diet rolling. What easier way is there if not through portion control? A great way to keep yourself honest is by using a food scale. This will ensure that your food intake does not exceed the recommended amounts. A food scale teaches you portion control and keeps you from eating more than you planned. The scale will be your guide. It will show you that the portion you thought was four ounces may actually weigh eight ounces. That’s the kind of mistake that could derail your diet. Or you might be depriving yourself by eating too little. So now you can stop guessing and have all the answers. The best food scale will be within your budges, provide accurate measurements, and numbers that are easy to read. It will also offer a cup or bowl to hold the food you want to weigh. Using a food scale can help you learn more about correct serving sizes, even if you eventually stop using it. This is a good investment in your long-term weight loss and weight management plan.

Smart Weigh Digital Food Scale offers the most important features you need in a kitchen scale.

Easy to read display with high contrast blue backlight to make the measurements easily visible.
Includes a removable plastic bowl that is practical and useful when weighing food.
Extra wide weighing platform provides ample space to weigh larger items.
You can weigh food directly on the scale’s platform by removing the lightweight weighing bowl.
High weight capacity of 2000 grams with multiple measurement modes.
Designed with high quality sensors to provide the most accurate weight readings.
Simple two button operation with compact design for easy storage.

Measure food using the scale's removable plastic bowl
Product Benefits and Features

Tired of carrying around those extra pounds? You’re in luck! The Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale is the ultimate tool to help you shed those stubborn pounds. By helping you keep track of your food intake, you can have a more balanced healthy diet. It is all about being conscious of the amounts of food you eat. No need to deprive yourself of the foods you love. The trick is portion control. This scale will be your helpful guide by providing accurate measurements of the food you are weighing. Compact and user-friendly, this food scale is convenient and a breeze to use. Not only can you weigh food in the removable bowl, but you can also remove the bowl to weigh on the scale’s platform directly. It is the best digital food scale to have around the kitchen with its great features and sleek, lightweight design.

Place ingredients directly on the scale's wide platform
Product Specification and Uses

To weigh food you can either place it in the plastic bowl or weigh directly on the scale’s platform. The bowl is lightweight, practical, and easy to clean with a capacity of 2 liters. If you are cooking or baking, the best way to measure ingredients is by placing it directly on the scale’s platform. The Smart Weight Digital Food Scale offers a measuring range of 4.4 lb / 2kg weight capacity to a readability of 0.01 grams. With its multiple measurement modes: g, oz, ozt, dwt you can set it to your desired mode. The scale’s platform is wide enough to provide a convenient amount of space for weighing food. It is powered by two AA batteries. The scale’s screen display has a high contrast blue backlight so you can easily read the measurements. Use the tare function to subtract the weight of the container or bowl for an accurate net weight determination.

This scale is the ultimate tool to have around your kitchen!

My Thoughts

This is a great scale and I love that it comes with it's own bowl. It fits perfect on the base of the scale and you can measure out anything you want into it. If the bowl is to small you can use the scale itself or place another container onto the scale and use it that way too. It's totally easy to use and small enough that it can be stored any where you want to store it. It's also small enough for any kitchen big or small. It's a great addition to any kitchen.

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