Friday, October 17, 2014

{Product Review} Youphoria Yoga Mat #youphoriayoga

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I am so excited to show you all this great product. All information is located below along with links to the product and, of course, my review. So, let's get into it.

Yoga Mat

TOP RATED MATERIAL - Youphoria Yoga's top-grade, high density memory foam helps you stabilize your hands and feet during yoga poses or workouts but doesn't make you lose stability. This yoga mat relieves pressure points in various yoga poses and offers much needed joint relief during impact workouts. This material does not wear like ordinary mats. Great for the long haul!
ULTIMATE GRIP - Top-rated material also means performance where it counts and when it counts. The proprietary grip circles on the bottom of the mat keep it from sliding, even on the smoothest of surfaces. The top-side is built with a unique blend of grip, stability, and comfort, so your hands and feet won't slide. You can maintain balance, and the hard surface below you doesn't wear on your joints!
ODOR FREE - Do you hate the smell of new yoga mats?! Our Youphoria Yoga Mat is not manufactured with any harsh chemicals meaning it shows up odor free and ready to use. You should be concentrating on your yoga practice, not the smell of your new mat!
ECO FRIENDLY - Youphoria Yoga's high density memory foam material is SGS Approved and free from Phthalates. Meaning it is free of harmful chemicals and toxins making it safe for the environment and most importantly, YOU!

LIMITED TIME OFFER - We are offering a $35.00 (50% off) for the first 500 customers. Also, buy one Youphoria Yoga Towel and one Youphoria Yoga Mat and get $5.50 OFF your Total Purchase and Qualify for FREE SHIPPING when you ENTER CODE 1MAT1TWL at checkout!

My Thoughts

This is such a great yoga mat. It's nice and comfortable to use and doesn't slide around when you are on it and using it. I have to say this yoga mat is nice and thick unlike some mats that I have used before. It's also odor free so when I took it out of the package it didn't smell all horrible. I also really like the strap that comes with it because not only does it keep it rolled nicely but it makes it super easy to carry. It's an awesome mat and I truly love it.

Don't forget to check out the buy now link to find out more about the product and to buy yours today.

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