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Hey everyone!

So, I don't usually do this but when it comes to things that I think many people would love to know about, I can't help but to share the greatness.

I don't know about you all but I find it crazy to try and find flowers for an event like a wedding or just for a dinner party and then when I do find the right flowers that I love, it costs an arm, leg, heart, and liver to get them done. I then get them and think to myself, "Self, I could have done that." However, I don't know of any place that cuts the flowers, gives you a step by step guide on how to put them together and then gives you everything to do it.

Well, until now.



Amazing, affordable DIY flower kits for your wedding, party or just everyday enjoyment!

Bloominous is changing the way people DIY floral decor for their events, weddings, and parties. Our DIY floral kits give you everything you need to DIY easily and successfully. Our collections are professional designed by renowned florists, and our flowers are cut-to-order ensuring freshness. Our farm-direct flowers are delivered in the right proportions along with photo-instruction cards and video. Take the guesswork out of DIY, and save time and money.

Professional Designs

  • Our designers empower you to DIY beautifully and easily
  • We stay on top of the trends, saving you time from all the Pinterest research
  • It’s not just flowers - from vases to favors, we designed the whole look for your inspiration

One-Stop Shop

  • Get everything you need in one simple order
  • Specialty flowers difficult to find on your own
  • Curated decor and accessories for your inspiration

Easy Arrangement

  • We de-thorn and pre-cut your flowers to save you the hassle
  • Step-by-step photo instruction cards for easy assembling
  • 10-15 minutes on average assembly per piece

Quality Guaranteed

  • Your orders are cut-to-order at the farm
  • Carefully packaged so your flowers stay fresh
  • No last minute surprise - What you see is what you get

My Thoughts

This is an amazing idea and I am so surprised that other people haven't thought about it sooner.

With each arrangement you get everything you need to make beautiful arrangements and flowers for any occasion such as weddings, dinner parties, you name it. And the arrangements that they have are absolutely beautiful. But that isn't all they do, they also have where you can buy individual types of flowers and you can change up any design they have and add in your own personal touch. I mean, how amazing is that.

Now you see why I had to share this website with you all. It was such an amazing find and I can tell you right now, if I need flowers in the future, which I know I will, this is where I am going to come and get them from because you can't beat the price and the fact I get to make them myself means I can make them how I want them and not how someone else thinks I want them. Love it!

Now, what are you waiting for! Go check them out for yourself and you will see why I am raving about them so much!

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