Thursday, November 21, 2013

{Product Review} Immortal Sleep by Immortal Herbs #ImmortalSleep

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Anyone have trouble sleeping like I do sometimes? Anyone hate taking something for it because it tends to leave you groggy sometimes two days even after taking the medication? Well, I finally found something that helps me go to sleep gently and I actually wake up and I don't feel groggy or like I had taken something.

It's called ...

What is Immortal Sleep?

Wake up refreshed and ready for the day! Be reminded of how great it feels to get an uninterrupted good night’s sleep. For people who have: difficulty falling asleep, poor quality sleep, irritability, agitation, fatigue, and lack of focus. This safe and effective, non habit forming formula has no side effects and no next day drowsiness.

Most people will suffer from insomnia at one time or another. Often due to stress and anxiety and the inability to “shut off the mind chatter.” Insomnia can quickly inhibit your body and mind’s ability to function at optimum levels. Sleeping pills can be helpful when all other efforts have failed. Our natural herbal sleep aid is not only effective but also safe, non-habit forming and all with no next day grogginess.

If you have trouble with sleep and want to avoid the side effects of other sleeping pills, taking Immortal Herbs’ specially developed herbal sleep formulation will help you to regain the balance needed to ensure a deep peaceful slumber. Deep quality sleep is essential for your health and well being and allows your body to restore and renew. This herbal remedy is extremely safe and will allow deep relaxation and calm.

Unlike other sleeping pills, Immortal Herbs‘ sleep blend may provide your body with benefits beyond that of a good night’s sleep. Immortal Sleep™ contains the time tested herbal remedy long ago introduced into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM all of the remedies focus on bringing the body back into balance. Traditionally it was used for “replenishing the blood and Yin” and to “strengthen heart functions.” People needing this treatment exhibited symptoms such as heart palpitations, irritability, restlessness, forgetfulness, and night sweats. Today, the herbal remedy is commonly used by Chinese doctors for insomnia associated with palpitation, amnesia, and anxiety.

Our all natural sleeping pills contain zizyphus which has been used for centuries to help people fall asleep. It is well suited to those who are stressed out and experiencing symptoms like irritability, agitation, and racing thoughts. Zizyphus is used to get the body to sleep more soundly.

For deep peaceful sleep you need to relax the body and mind. To achieve this we have combined L-theanine with our herbs. L-theanine promotes deep relaxation, stress relief and calmness. L-theanine is not a sleep aid itself but allows the body to enter a state of calm relaxation so the herbs may be more effective at getting the body into a deep state of rest.

What I Thought

I have to admit that I thought this was going to be the same as any other sleep aid I have tried. I thought it was going to put me right to sleep and then leave me with a sleep hangover, as I like to call it. However, I was wrong. It helped me to gently fall asleep. By that I mean, it didn't knock me out like I was hit over the head with a club. No, it slowly started to make me tired where I knew to lie down to go to sleep and then I just feel asleep like you should normally. Now, I do want to mention that it tells you to take 3 of the pills but I honestly just took 2 because, as I stated before, I was afraid it was going to do the old sleep hangover and I wanted to try and lessen it if I could. However, even taking just the two pills I still felt like it helped me to go to sleep much better. I also woke up with out the sleep hangover and felt pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. All in all, I would say these done exactly what they should have but didn't leave you wanting to go back to sleep and groggy the next morning.

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