Sunday, October 13, 2013

{Debit Card Review} New Debit Card from

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share something pretty cool with all of you. As you all know I really hate credit cards and bank debit cards. It's like nothing I do and no matter how much I do to keep up with my spending something always happens and I end up getting over drawn. Honestly, it's like the banks want you to get over drawn because that is how they earn their money.

Well, I had enough of the bank drama a few years ago and started using re-loadable debit cards which was the best decision I ever made. The best thing about using a re-loadable debit card is the fact I don't have to worry about being over drawn and I can now get a stylish card to match my many moods.

Therefore, when I was asked to try out a new company called that had awesome personalized debit cards I was pretty thrilled. The selection is crazy awesome and there are cards for everyone.

Here is the one I decided to get.

Of course, I am not about to post my actual card. But this is the background of my pretty card that I got and there are loads more cards to choose from.

Here is just a sampling of other cards you can choose from.

Now lets get down to the technical because I am sure everyone is wanting to know how much does this card cost (because there are always fees involved, right?) and what is included with this card.

About creates Fair, Fashionable and Fun online banking solutions. prepaid visas - James Dean, The Three Stooges, Frida Kahlo, Puerto Rico, Eartha Kitt, Mike Conley, Brett Favre, Bettie Page and more prepaid Visa cards are your connection to what you love. Loading Card Members get VIP access and rewards focused on the passion pictured on their card. A card from your favorite band might get you early access to concert tickets or limited edition merch or free MP3s. A card from your favorite Cause might help provide clean water to a community in need or support cancer research. is safer than cash. All loaded funds are 100% FDIC insured. You can load money in many convenient ways including with cash at Western Union and through direct deposit from your employer or federal benefits. You can transfer funds from card to card. You can use ATMs and shop near home and around the world. treats you as an individual who is cool like James Dean, sultry like Bettie Page or a cat-lover with a heart of gold. empowers you to spend and save intelligently with your own customized debit card. lets you represent the things you care about, with awesome perks along the way.

All in all this card was super simple to use and I could use it anywhere that accepted Visa. I also didn't have to worry if I had enough money to cover my expenses or if I would go over what I had on my card because if there wasn't enough on the card to cover the cost then the card wouldn't go through. Therefore, no over draft fees.

Seriously, with this card you don't have to worry about credit checks, or check cashing fees, no overdraft fees, late fees. You have access to ATMs worldwide and you can always use your card anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Another great thing about this card is that it is super easy to load. You can add money through direct deposit or you can do it through Green Dot, MoneyPak, Western Union, PayPal, or you can even photo-capture a check with their Android and iPhone app and add money that way. How super awesome and super simple is that?!

So, with all the great benefits of having a pre-paid debit card what are you still doing here. Go get yours now through

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Disclosure Notice: I received this product for free in exchange for my personal and honest review. I did receive a small monetary compensation for this review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.