Monday, September 9, 2013

{Product Review} Professional Pet Nail Clipper by Epica

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I'm excited to tell you all about these awesome pet nail clippers that Epica was generous enough to allow me to try out for them and I have to say that I liked them but I also have to mention that I didn't use these on a dog. Nope, I used them to trim my cats nails. You heard me right. My cats nails and honestly they loved it. I have been needing to get a good nail trimmer and despite these saying they are for dogs when I got the package it had both a cat and dog on the package and never said anything about it being strictly for dogs, so I gave it a try.

Product Description

Make trimming your dog's nails easier and safer with the superior performance of the Epica Pet Nail Clipper. Both you and your pet will appreciate the difference!

Top Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Made with high grade stainless steel, these durable clippers won't bend, scratch or rust, and the blades will stay sharp through many sessions on tough dog nails.

Precise Cutting for Health and Comfort
Sharp blades let you work faster, with less effort, and cut the nail cleanly without ragged edges that have to be filed. If your dog is skittish about the process, this will make both of your lives happier. Plus, you'll be more likely to keep his nails trimmed, allowing him to walk comfortably and helping prevent damage to your floors and furniture.

Sized for Medium and Large Dog Breeds
Correct spacing of the blades is important for effective and safe use. These clippers are designed specifically for medium size dogs such as collies, bulldogs, sheepdogs and spaniels, and large dogs such as German shepherds, golden retrievers, rottweilers, dalmatians, great Danes and Irish setters.

Safety Lock
When they're not in use, the Epica clippers can be locked with the blades in the closed position. This safety feature ensures that you won't accidentally cut yourself when taking them out of the drawer, and that the blades won't damage or be damaged by other items they're stored with.

Secure Grip Rubber Coated Handles
Excessive hand strength is not necessary to operate the Epica clippers. The handles are shaped to fit your fingers and coated with anti-slip rubber so there's no need to hold them in a tiring, super-tight grip. Simply grasp them normally as you apply pressure, with no worries about slipping, sliding or accidentally hurting your pet.

  • Engineered for precise, easy cutting.
  • Blades of high grade stainless steel for long-lasting sharpness.
  • Blade spacing ideal for medium and large breed toenails.
  • Clipper locks closed for safety.
  • Rubber coated handles for comfortable, secure grip.
What I Thought

I honestly thought these were great clippers and they are super sharp. I had to get used to them at first because I was kinda afraid to use them on my kitties but once I figured them out and how to place them on the nail to cut it I was pretty confidant in using them. My cats are not the type to just sit there through cutting their nails but when I was using these they were perfectly still and it seemed as if they liked getting their nails cut, for once. I also love how these have a nice weight to them. They aren't too heavy but aren't to light either. They feel really good in the hand and the non-slip grip allows for great control. Honestly, these were super easy to use and once I got over the intimidation of using clippers for the first time I clipped both my cats nails in record time. I totally recommend these for any and all pet owners.

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