Monday, July 8, 2013

{Review & Giveaway} Beautiful Custom Leather Bracelets made by Shebusa @ShebusaTwitt

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Have I got something beautiful for you today.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can not live without my jewelry. I love everything from earrings and rings to necklaces and especially bracelets. What I love even more is when I can find beautiful handmade custom pieces. I feel handmade unique pieces allow me to be more of myself and I know everyone in the world isn't walking around with the same piece. Custom pieces allow a person to be creative and show off their personality and originality. I love custom pieces and I have found a custom piece that every woman should have in their jewelry box.

Take a look at these custom leather bracelets made by Shebusa. These are some of my favorites and you can check out more styles and leather choices on Shebusa website. You get to be the designer by picking the leather you want your bracelet in and even the metal tone. There are so many different leather, metal combinations that no one will have the exact same one.

About the Designer

Chris is French and 42 years old. He had a international career in Finance and Telecommunications.

3 years ago I decided to stopped all this because I wanted to create and give something real to my customers. I had a vision about women creating their own fashion in order to show who they are and express their mood...

I found that I could fulfill this vision about Fashion by creating bracelets made of Metal and Precious Leather.

Why do they love the Bracelets?

They have the choice

They design their own accessories

Few colored bracelets to marry with a full wardrobe closet

They made their own fashion and they know it

Flexibility to customize according to their taste

Custom Bracelets Concept

My bracelets are made of metal and I merge them with precious and luxury leathers such as Ostrich, Alligator, Stingray and snakeskin. For my customers who look for something more original I can offer them Frogskin, Beaver Tail Leather which have absolutely unique touch feeling.

All my bracelets are made to order and therefore I can let my customers choose the design, the plating and of course the skin with whatever color they want.

Where are the Precious Leathers Found?

It's part of my secret. I work with the last French and Italian tanners. These Master Craftsmen are so good that I got access to the most highest quality of leather. Thus the bracelets are made with the same skins that such brands like Hermes or Louis Vuitton use to create their handbags or shoes for their rich customers.

History of leather.

Leather is a natural product derived from the processing of the skin of different animals. The youngest the animal and more its skin has a chance to be of excellent quality. Through various technical, manual and chemical means, the tanner will create leathers with different characteristics which make each hide unique.
The choice of the highest quality.

Within Shebusa, we chose our tanners with great care and we only work with the best ones; those who provide the greatest World Luxury Houses such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Celine, or Salvatore Ferragamo.

Types of leather.

Cattle: We particularly like the bull calf and the grained calf.
Sheeps: We prefer the full aniline lambskin which is a exclusive French expertise and specificity.
Goats: They provide a very soft leather used to make shoes or handbags.
Snakes: They provide the most sought after leathers in the world and more particularly among the most famous luxury brands.
Pigs: Their nubuck or velvet leather is extremely soft and silky.
Ostrichs: The ostrich leather still little known to the general public and is mainly used for shoes and luxury leather goods.
Crocodile: Still rare and precious, crocodile leather exudes luxury and remains the protected bastion.
Stingray: Also known as Shagreen or Galuchat, the stingray leather is used for application on furniture or as inlays on handbags.

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