Friday, June 28, 2013

June's Pawalla Cat Box @PawallaBox #lovethisbox

Hey everyone!

My kitties are super happy with this months Pawalla box and so am I. This one was way better than the last one and they seem to be loving all the goodies they received in this one too.

So, want your furry friend to get his or her own Pawalla box then hit the link below for a special discount on your first box. Want to know how much it is per month. Well, it's actually not that expensive for the quality of products you get. It's only $30 per month for the deluxe box and $20 per month for the mini. Both boxes are filled with different stuff and since I have two kitties I decided the deluxe would be great for the two of them.

So, what came in this months Pawalla box that made my kitties so happy. Well, take a look.

The Products

PushClean - Pet Towelettes (12 pack) - $9.99

Natural Pet Grooming Wipes are handy wipes made from bamboo, that you can take anywhere to wipe your pet's dirty paws, bottom or face. They are 100% biodegradable and do not contain any synthetic fibers. Natural Pet Grooming Wipes are unlike any wipe you have ever seen! Inside the slender portable tube are 12 small button-like individually wrapped loose-woven wipes that fit into the palm of your hand, and are great for your pocket or purse.

The good news is that the wipe never dries out like most wipes because it never soaks up the cleaning solution inside until you are ready to use it! As an added bonus, the Natural Pet Grooming Wipes have a clean, refreshing scent.

My Review

I have to say that I love these and plan on buying more when I get the chance. These are a quick and easy way to wipe down my kitties when they get into something they shouldn't. What makes these better is the fact they come in different types of wipes for not only your pets but for people too. They also have a great scent and are green friendly which is what makes me love these even more.

I Love Catz - Sisal Rattle Football Cat Toy - $5.99

This fun football shaped toy is made of durable sisal rope that is perfect for scratching. It also rattles when your cat bats it around, so you’ll always know where they both are –just follow the rattles!

My Review

When I opened the package to get this thing out my Alley cat started going bonkers. She couldn't wait to get her paws on this toy. She loves stuff that makes noise and the more noise the better. However, it also sounds like the treat bag when I rattle it to get her attention. I think that may be why she loves this toy so much. But I like it because they can play with this and claw at it to sharpen their paws while they bat it back and forth.

Doggles - Sushi Catnip Crab - Blue - $3.19

This adorable crab will have your feline friend loving sea critters more than ever! It’s soft, perfect for cuddling, and stuffed with catnip that is sure to drive your cat wild during playtime.

My Review

First, how cute is this little guys?!? I mean really, just too freakin cute. How did my cats like it. Well, it doesn't make noise so honestly they aren't to thrilled with it but when I start moving it around and playing with them with it they become interested. Silly kitties. I like it though cause it's just to freakin cute.

Against the Grain – Shrimp Daddy with Tuna & Salmon 3oz - $19.92

Loaded with protein, vitamin D, vitamin B3, and zinc, shrimp are an excellent, carbohydrate-free food
Zinc-keeps hair shiny!
Copper—help prevent hair loss, contribute to hair thickness, and intensify hair color
Loaded with selenium-reduces cancer risk.

Cooked in its own juices to produce a grain free, gravy free, zero carb meal!
Grain and Gravy free!
Loaded/Rich in Omegas, essential amino acids and fatty acids
Full of important vitamins and minerals- selenium, magnesium, and potassium; the B vitamins niacin, B1 and B6; and perhaps most important, the beneficial omega-3 essential fatty acids
Allergen Free/Hypo-Allergenic
Protein loaded and fat rich food with low carbs!
An ideal prevention and treatment wellness nutrition program commonly recommended for use in UTI, CRF, IBS, diabetes and other serious health conditions by vets across the country
All fresh caught and dolphin safe!
Why not dive in with your pet?!

Bioactive peptides-good support for joint cartilage, insulin effectiveness, and control of inflammation in the digestive tract
Cardiovascular benefits
Improved mood and cognition
Joint protection
Eye benefits
Decreased cancer risk
Selenium! (decreases risk of joint inflammation and certain types of cancer)

My Review

My cats love to eat but they don't seem to like this type of food. They love seafood but they love their gravy and this is like a watery mess and they just don't seem to care for it. But I do love the fact that it is packed with great stuff for my kitties and it's made with only good stuff.

Against the Grain – Big Kahuna with Crab & Talapia 3oz - $19.92

High in Protein and no carbs!
Omega-3 fatty acids
Low in mercury- one of the safest forms of seafood in terms of mercury levels
Rich in vitamins and minerals-vitamin B-12(critical for healthy nerve function) and minerals zinc and copper.

Known as “Wonder Fish” by Pharoahs because traditions holds that Jesus chose to multiply Tilapia to feed everyone
Mild flavor and moderately firm texture
Extra lean, versatile white meat fish
Low-cal, low-fat protein
Complete protein
Heart-healthy fats
Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6

My Review

My cats love to eat but they don't seem to like this type of food. They love seafood but they love their gravy and this is like a watery mess and they just don't seem to care for it. But I do love the fact that it is packed with great stuff for my kitties and it's made with only good stuff.

Petchup - Catchup 13oz - $7.95

Catchup is made with 22 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are so important to the health and well-being of your pet. Petchup products are also a sauce, which is added moisture for those pets in especially dry regions such as Colorado, Arizona, etc.. It has given younger pets greater energy and older pets new life. Find the benefits of each and every ingredient on our nutrition page and love your pet healthy!

Our holistic approach means only high grade, human-grade ingredients make the cut. Although you use Catchup just like ketchup, you'll NEVER find sugar or dyes in this product. Catchups ingredients are all locally sourced and they never compromise on quality for cost.

My Review

I mixed a little bit of this with some of my cats dry food and oh my goodness did they eat every bit of it. They seem to really like this stuff and I love the fact it is good for them.

Greenies - Smartbite Digestive Salmon 2.1oz - $2.99

Give your cat a delicious bite that delivers essential health benefits. Feline Greenies SmartBites Digestive Care has a crunchy, teeth-cleaning outer shell featuring coconut meal, a source of natural fiber that supports healthy digestion by supporting good bacteria in the digestive tract. The soft, creamy center contains salmon meal protein to give these bites irresistible flavor and support healthy metabolism. Your cat will think she's getting a treat, and you'll love the fact that each bite has only 1.3 calories. Re-sealable bag helps hold freshness. Salmon flavor. For cats.

My Review

I haven't opened these yet to feed my cats but I will soon. I know I have bought Greenies treats before and while one cat loved them the other one wasn't impressed. Maybe they both will love these considering they are crispy on the outside and tender and meaty on the inside just like the Temptation treats that both my cats love.

Whole Life - Tail Mix Cat Treats - Roasted Chicken 1.2oz - $4.39

Whole Life treats contain zero filler. Just what your cat needs and nothing more. We gently dry our treats, taking away excess moisture, while concentrating flavor and nutrition. The result is light weight, crisp and delicious. Lighter also means more treats per ounce than moist treats...more times to connect with your best friend and treat them right.

My Review

These are awesome and my cats can't get enough of them. This is nothing but freeze dried roasted chicken and my cats can't get enough of anything chicken. They love these right out of the bag but they also love it when I put them in a bit of water to re-hydrate the pieces and talk about two very happy kitties. I am seriously gong to get a few more of these.

Well, that's what came in my June's box and I really am loving these and so are my cats. I am always looking for great things for my kitties and this is an awesome way to introduce new things to them and not have to spend a boat load of money.