Friday, May 31, 2013

Loot Crate's May "Equip" Review @LootCrate #lootcrate #love

Hey everyone!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I am in love with my Loot Crate. What is Loot Crate you ask? Well, its a monthly box that is full of gamer/geek related stuff. Loot Crate started in August of 2012 and has been getting more awesome by the month. Don't believe me. Well, check it out for yourself because then you will see just how awesome it really is. Want to know how much it is. Well, it's super cheap. Only $19.37 w/shipping, so for $20 bucks you get a box full of awesomeness delivered to you every single month. Gotta love that!

So, enough chit chat. Want to know what I got in this months crate. Well, look no further.

The Products

Pure Nintendo
1 Year Digital Subscription: $10

An independent magazine and source for exclusive interviews, previews, reviews, interactive puzzles, and much much more from the world of Nintendo. For IOS and Android so you can be equipped on the go.

Black Tie Geek
8 Bit Bow Tie

If there's one thing we've learned from our favorite secret agents, sometimes your mission requires you to equip yourself to look classy. This 8-bit bow tie pulls it off, while retaining your geek card.

Don't Panic Towel

We thought about putting an actual Guide to the Galaxy in, but we figured every Looter probably has easy access to one. It just so happens that May 25th is Towel Day and now you are equipped for travel.

The Dojo
Ninja Cord Wrap

They secretly await, hidden until needed. They also are known for having amazing grip. Have you ever seen a ninja fall down off a building? Now you can wrap them up and prevent a messy situation.

Boston America
Super Mario Coin Candies

How does Mario equip himself? Question mark box of course. Each box is a collectible tin filled with tasty strawberry coin-shaped sours.

Fred & Friends
Inanimate Stickers

Until now, talking to these inanimate objects may have seemed a little odd. Slap on these mouths, eyes and other parts to your stuff and feel less awkward about talking to a stapler.

Gus Santome of
Papercraft Ironman

We're big fans of papercraft. While it may take some time to complete, it's always satisfying. We've included the always stylishly equipped Iron Man in his Iron Man 3 Mark 17 "Heartbreaker" suit.

The best part about Loot Crate is opening up the box and finding a little extra something tucked inside. In everyone's crate this month they tucked in a super hero figure, which is pretty awesome.

Which one did I get. Who else?

All in all I loved this crate. My unicorn has gotten himself a lovely tie and I have some awesome stuff to add to my collection. Totally awesome.

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